Maison Pickle

We have a massive range of spirits - 200 types to take neet or on the rocks with a special focus on Cognac, Brandy and Absinthe. Cocktails are old school but progressive – top shelf spirits with imaginative ingredients mixed with a little madness. Drink like a pro- before, during and after dinner from aperitif to digestif.


“Edgar Allan Poe” wrote the Raven when he lived on 84th street. Urban legend has it with one sip of Absinthe, he was inspired to write the Raven-a story about nearly going mad for the loss of a love.

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At MP, every glass is personal and rooted in a story. Jacob’s personal beer collection is available alongside an extensive wine list developed in collaboration with wine director Guy Devereux. The list includes consciously selected wines from varying methods of production including organics and biodynamics with unexpected varietals and regions.

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